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Student Life

Work-Based Learning

At ACE, our students are actively involved in internships, job shadowing mentoring, and apprenticeship. It's a way to get hands-on experience and discover things you can't always learn in the classroom. And, we believe it give our students a competitive advantage when entering the work force. It also allows students to get a feel for the job.

Work-based learning can improve student motivation, attendance and graduation rates. It also improves the student's and school's relationship within the community. It benefits local employers by reducing their recruitment and training cost and helps them hire employees who better understand their workplace and expectations. Some hands-on opportunities are unpaid or volunteer, but all apprenticeships and certain internships come with a salary.

We know students these days are busy. Some opportunities can be arranged during class time. So, instead of attending class, they gain work experience and apply the knowledge they've gained in the classroom.

Work-based opportunities typically last a semester and allow students to see if the workplace is a place they'd like to work upon graduation or successful completion of a program. 

Here at ACE, we are all about our students, our community, and working together to reach goals.

Dress Code & Uniforms

Each program has it's own dress code policy. Please adhere to those policies on a daily basis.

Student Drivers/Parking

Student must present his/her driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration for the vehicle that will be driven and parked on the ACE campus. Once approved, students will receive a parking decal from BJ-ACE. Please download and return the ACE Drivers/Parking Contract to administration. The decal must be displayed on the bottom-right of the driver’s-side front windshield. Once applied, students will be permitted to park in the designated student parking lot. Vehicle registration on the decal must match the displayed vehicle's decal and driver's name.

When driving on campus, students must adhere to the posted 15 m.p.h. speed limit. Students are not allowed to have other students as passengers in their vehicle while on campus, or to and from campus, without approval from the Director or Assistant Director.

Deviation from the student-assigned parking area will result in disciplinary action, and the possibility of the vehicle being towed and/or the student losing driving privileges. Any student driving to school without a valid parking decal will be subject to disciplinary action, the possibility of the vehicle being towed, and/or the student losing driving privileges.

If a decaled vehicle is temporarily out of service (for repairs or being used by another family member), a one-day (or more) temporary parking pass will be issued for the interim vehicle. Students must provide the SRO with the interim vehicle's registration and insurance information when they first arrive on campus.

Students are expected to enter the school building after they arrive on campus. No student is to remain in his/her vehicle or to stand around vehicles after arriving at school. If an emergency arises, students must obtain permission from an administrator before leaving the building and entering the parking lot.

During school hours, students are not to return to their vehicles. Going into the student parking lot during the school day without administrative approval will result in a disciplinary consequence. Loitering in the parking lot upon arrival or after dismissal will not be tolerated.

Students may not park their cars at angles that take up more than one parking space. Students may not park in the teacher's lot or in designated visitor spaces. 

ACE is not responsible for vehicle theft or vandalism. Money, valuables, electronic devices should never be left inside your vehicles. Vehicles should be locked. The school assumes no responsibility for a vehicle and its contents. Theft or damage to a vehicle should be reported to the ACE office and SRO immediately.

Any student found to be in violation of parking lot regulations will be subjected to:

  • First Offense: documented warning
  • Second Offense: temporary suspension from parking on campus for 2 days
  • Third Offense: temporary suspension from parking on campus for 1 week
  • Fourth Offense: suspension from parking at ACE for remainder of school year


School bus transportation is provided for students traveling to and from other campuses within Beaufort and Jasper Counties. If any violations are received from law enforcement while driving to or from another school students’ driving privileges may be suspended or revoked by the Director or Assistant Director. Driving and parking to the ACE campus is a privilege. Serious behavior problems will result in possible suspension of driving/parking privileges or expulsion from school.