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Health Science

Instructor: Jodi Knorr


Health Science I & II

Students are introduced to healthcare history, careers, law and ethics, cultural diversity, healthcare language and math, infection control, professionalism, communication, basics of the organization of healthcare facilities, and types of healthcare insurance. In addition, students will focus on interpreting vital signs, first aid and CPR.

Health Science I (1 Credit) (2 nd Semester Grade 11) Health Science II (2 Credits) Health Science III (1 Credit) Health Science Clinical (2 Credits) (1st Semester Grade 12)

Industry Recognized Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)*, CPR & Medical OSHA 10

*Students must be 16 years of age, have a state ID and social security number to be allowed to take the state licensing exam.

Health Science III & IV

Course Code: 5550 & 5551 - Grade Level: 11 & 12

This course focuses on the human body and requires the successful completion of Health Science I & II.

Students will gain knowledge of all human body systems and how they work (Anatomy and Physiology). This course will emphasize the study of disease, prevention and treatment (Pathophysiology). Health Science Clinical Study is designed to give students a clinical experience. This course can be a Certified Nurse Aide program or an individualized work based clinical experience for the student. Students will have classroom time to review the necessary skills and qualifications needed to complete rotating internships that will require travel to worksites.

This Clinical Study program is meant to be a flexible program that works with district adapted clinical programs and certifications.