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The following English classes are requiried for BJACE students.

English 3, English 3 Honors, English 4, English 4 Honors.

Instructors: Beth Brown   Email:

                       Zachary Allen     Email:

ELA courses at ACE are designed to teach students practical communication skills that involve leveraging an array of technological tools and resources. Students will learn how to become proficient users of language through instructional practices that develop punctuation mastery, sentence style variety, apposite word choice, and clear, concise writing. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll be learning here at ACE:


  • Emailing skills

  • Building and designing business websites

  • Marketing skills

  • Tech writing skills

  • Managing finances

  • Filing taxes

  • Investing money wisely 

  • How the stock market works

  • Job interviewing skills


Our goal at ACE is to prepare students for career success. This means adapting instructional goals and skills to the changing landscape of our modern workforce. Like traditional ELA courses, students will learn important conventions and mechanics, but they will be applying these skills to more practical and relevant tasks that have clear, discernible value.