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The purpose of the Program of Studies Handbook is to help students and parents make choices from among the range of career and technical (CTE) programs available at ACE. The selection of an appropriate program requires careful thought. Students are encouraged to develop their current interests and find a CTE program that sparks a passion.

Course Availability
All courses outlined in The Program of Studies may be limited in enrollment. Staffing decisions are dependent upon course enrollments and available resources. Low enrollment or staffing constraints may result in the cancellation of courses and/or sections. When enrollment must be limited, preference will be given first to those closest to completing a program followed by new enrollees. If a course is not available for any of the reasons stated above, affected students will be notified by their school counselor, who will assist students in making alternative program selections. Conflicts in scheduling could occur for any course at both ACE and at your feeder school; therefore, it is important for students to make certain to prioritize their courses when planning out their four-year academic program.
Prior to registering, make certain you have reviewed your graduation requirements with your school counselor

ACE Eligibility Criteria
All students are encouraged to attend ACE. At times it is necessary to determine fit. ACE will consider the following factors when determining eligibility for enrollment.

•  Students must be on grade level and have met district and state graduation requirements up to enrollment date.

•  Previous grades, attendance and discipline will be considered due to the requirements associated with ACE programs, students must demonstrate academic capability, personal responsibility and ability to adhere to program related safety standards.

•  Student IGP’s must align with the ACE program in which they are enrolling.

•  Students must be eligible to take all required state and national certification tests associated with each program. Criteria for these tests are determined by national and state agencies.

•  Cosmetology, Barbering, Nail Tech and Health Science Tech students must be at least 16 years old to enroll and commit to attending two full semesters and one half semester at ACE. Students must have a SC State or Federally Issued ID, birth certificate and a social security card to take the state licensing examination.

•  Barbering and Cosmetology students must obtain necessary clock hours each semester in order to progress to the next course level. Mandatory hours will be provided outside of school time to allow students to meet the state requirements. Both programs require a kit (roughly $300) prior to the 
start of classes. Lastly, barbering students need to complete a TB test prior to the start of school.

•  EMS is a one semester class, open to seniors only, and leads to students taking the EMT certification exam. The examination can be taken at any time, however EMT licensure will not be awarded until student is 18 and possesses a high school diploma.  Students must have a SC State or Federally Issued ID, birth certificate and a social security card to take the state licensing examination.

Note: Work-based credit is available for all programs. Please see our Career Development Facilitator or instructor for additional details.