About the School

The Career Education Center was created by legislature in 1976 to serve Beaufort and Jasper County school districts jointly. Subsequently, the school was renamed Beaufort-Jasper Academy for Career Excellence (ACE). The ACE Board includes three Beaufort County members and three Jasper County members. Fourteen (14) Career and Technology Education (CATE) programs are available to students who choose to attend ACE:


Automotive Collision Repair Technology

Automotive Technology

Barbering/Master Hair Care

Building Construction


Culinary Arts


Landscape Management/Golf Course Technology

Health Science

Law Enforcement Services

Marine Technology 

Media Technology

Nail Technology



The CATE programs offer opportunities to earn a program Completer Certificate awarded by ACE along with a high school diploma awarded by the feeder school.  The Completer Certificate is awarded to students who demonstrate qualifying skills to enter the workforce in their field of study.

The curriculum instructed in CATE programs aligns with the South Carolina Career and Technology Education requirements. 

Students studying Automotive Collision Technology Repair, Automotive Technology, Electricity, Building Construction and Welding are also prepared to take standard industry-related certification assessments.   


Students studying Cosmetology, Nail Technology and Barbering/Master Hair Care are also prepared to take the state licensure exam in their field of study.

Students in Health Science study and complete practicum hours to qualify to earn a Certified Nursing Assistant certification.

Students in Culinary Arts along with their state curriculum prepare also to take the SafeServ industry exam.


Additional information is available by calling 843-987-8107.



Non-Discrimination Policy


The Beaufort-Jasper Academy for Career Excellence does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities.  Inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies should be made to: Director, ACE, 80 Lowcountry Drive, Ridgeland, SC 29936, (843) 987- 8107 ext. 602; Special Needs Department Chair, ACE, 80 Lowcountry Drive, Ridgeland, SC 29936, Telephone: (843) 987-8107 ext. 606



Mission and Belief Statements


The Academy for Career Excellence prepares high school students to become qualified workforce members by offering Career and Technical Education (CATE) programs leading to industry certifications, technical skills attainment and soft skills training necessary to support current regional and national business needs.



We believe:


1. A curriculum integrating academic and career technology and training is essential for producing COLLEGE AND CAREER READY graduates.

2. Work-based experience is essential for successful workplace entry.

3. Instruction will encompass a variety of teaching methods for all learning styles.

4. Educational programs will meet the needs of the business community.



Vision statement


The Academy for Career Excellence endeavors to strengthen our communities by supporting economic growth through the preparation of highly qualified workforce members.


ACE serves two counties experiencing exponential growth in an area where a strong sense of community exists. We understand that education is inextricably linked to the health and vitality of Beaufort and Jasper Counties, and that ACE will play a strong leadership role in addressing issues, through our vision and mission, that are pivotal to supporting economic development and civic engagement.


The ACE Board of Education, teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and the community-at-large have high expectations of students, and therefore, must work together to create a culture of success to ensure that all students can reach those expectations. The greater ACE community will strive to: insure access to quality career and technical education, create a two or three-year curriculum that promotes achievement of the skills, knowledge, and attributes required in a field of choice, integrate 21st century technology and equipment into academic and career education, strive to engender within our students a sense of pride and professionalism consistent with success in the workforce and society-at-large, and provide opportunities for our students to serve the community in which we live.